Tuff Stuff CFB-305 Flat Bench

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A flat bench is one of the best fitness equipment investments that you can make. Capable of supporting a variety of different exercises, a flat bench is ideal for beginners or advanced lifters. Not all exercise benches are created equal. If you want an elite bench, capable of supporting all of your strength, power, and endurance goals, then the TuffStuff CFB 305 Flat Bench is right for you.

  • Supports a Variety of Exercise Programs: Regardless of your fitness goal, the TuffStuff CFB 305 Flat Bench has you covered. Use it during a traditional barbell bench press and see what your one-rep max is. Incorporate dumbbells for a wide-angle bench press, fly, or skull crusher. Then, after you’re done with the compound movements, use it to train your core with Russian twists, leg lifts, and crunches. Whether you want to get strong, develop power, or define your midsection, the TuffStuff CFB 305 Flat Bench is there to help.
  • Lightweight and Convenient: Although it can handle up to 800 pounds of weight during exercise, the TuffStuff CFB 305 Flat Bench is surprisingly light! Weighing only 50 pounds, it can easily be picked up and moved wherever you need it to go. Best of all, its space-saving frame allows it to be stored anywhere you have room.
  • Industrial Grade Construction: If there is one thing the TuffStuff brand is known for, it’s the high quality construction that goes into every product. The TuffStuff CFB 305 Flat Bench is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again as it won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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