Tuff Stuff CGH-450 Glute/Ham Bench

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The glute and hamstring muscles are quite a team. They play a very important role in basic functional movements such as bending over, lifting, and twisting. The problem comes in when these muscles are underutilized. Surrounding muscles, such as the lower back, take the resistance, stress, or task away, resulting in an over-worked lower back and very weak set of glute and hamstring muscles. If you want to go about your day-to-day without any ache, strain, or pain, it’s important to properly train this dynamic duo. The best way to do that is with the TuffStuff CGH 450 Glute/Ham Bench.

  • Activate the Muscles that Matter: You need a complete, full, and natural range of motion in order to properly activate the glute and hamstring muscles. The TuffStuff CGH 450 Glute/Ham Bench is designed from the latest biomechanics to promote a full natural line of movement. The bench ensures proper alignment, keeping your workouts effective yet simple.
  • Adjust to Meet Your Needs: The TuffStuff CGH 450 Glute/Ham Bench features a number of adjustable options including the height level and foot bar. No matter your height or weight, this bench can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Professional Grade Construction: Like all TuffStuff brand equipment, the TuffStuff CGH 450 Glute/Ham Bench is built to last. Have peace of mind as you move through your workout, knowing that you have invested in a piece of fitness equipment that is designed for safety, durability, and comfort.

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