Does Fitness Impact Learning?

Does Fitness Impact Learning?

Published by TE on Nov 23rd 2021

Exercise Can Improve The Mental Health of Students

• Stress 

- Students are often under a lot of stress to perform in school academic wise as school can be very challenging to some. There's also the entire social aspect of it, peer pressure, high stakes testing and in general very high levels of emotions that can make for a hard time at school because of all the potential stress. Physical activity is a great way to naturally prevent a lot of that stress as it is known to be a stress reliever for almost everyone and it can also help some people to become more socially active which is one of the causes of stress.

• Disorders and Anxiety

- Anxiety is not quite the same as stress, people with anxiety often worry intensely over nothing, imagining scenarios in their mind to worry about. When it comes to the point of not being able to function anymore, that is a disorder and that leads to something called Panic. Panic attacks occur during scenarios where anxiety is at its peak, during tests or intense learning scenarios and often during stressful social scenarios. That being said, it is shown in studies that aerobic exercise can significantly reduce symptoms of common anxiety disorders in most all people. It naturally reduces muscle tension and also acts as an out to a lot of students worrisome habits.

• Depression

- Depression is also known to be affected by aerobic exercise on a chemical level inside the body. Endorphins are released into the body after exercising and produces a general feeling of well being. Dopamine is also one of the many chemicals that is boosted from aerobic exercise and that helps to improve mood and help attention span.


- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is very common now-a-days and effects many students in school and can make it very hard for them to learn and pay attention in class. Something that studies shows to help students with ADHD are activities that include exercise in them but also have areas that involve a lot of brain activity as well as exercise. Skateboarding and Martial Arts are two great examples of something that would help a student learn to focus and tune their concentration.