How to Determine the Best Equipment For You!

How to Determine the Best Equipment For You!

Published by KE on Aug 20th 2019

We all want to work out on the “best” equipment for us, but how do you know what that is? If I can use a Stepmill and burn through twice the amount of calories as the recumbent bike, why wouldn’t I? While this does seem logical the truth is that those higher intensity workouts found on the Stepmill, air bikes, Max Trainers and other great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) machines can become very daunting. While the result is great, not everybody enjoys the “no pain– no gain” philosophy that is associated with these types of workouts.

The key to finding the “best” machine for you is to find out which machine you can use more often. A bucket of sweat and max heart rate testing can be a calorie flamethrower but it can also cause workout-burnout. It’s far better to do 20-30 minutes on a recumbent bike 3-5 times a week. Even 2-10 minute sessions a day is a great way to start out a routine.

Making a workout routine work for you is about finding the best way to make it “routine”. Setting aside a 20 minute session on that bike watching a Netflix show or listening to a daily podcast instead of on the couch is the simplest way. If you can do this daily it’s even better.

After you’ve established this routine and stuck with it for a couple of weeks your body will begin to crave it. The time you spend working those dormant muscles will begin to reward you with all kind of physical as well as psychological benefits. Routine exercise is a great way for your body to deal with mental stress.

As is the case with any exercise routine, please consult your physician before starting.