How to quickly help sore muscles.

How to quickly help sore muscles.

Published by TE on Mar 14th 2022

There are no instant solutions as time is the main healer however there can be things that can speed the process up.

1. Hydrate

Muscle recovery needs hydration which helps muscle inflammation which is a common cause of sore muscles. It can also flush out waste in your system and being dehydrated can make the healing process take longer and may make the soreness worse.

2. Massage

Having a massage gun or some other form of massage onto sore muscles helps release a lot of tension in the body that can help with a lot of pressure. Massaging can also help with your range of motion and blood flow in general.

3. Eating

Eating a short time after a workout is helpful for your muscles by giving them nutrients to help the muscles repair themselves. It also is one of the things needed for muscles to grow along with healing.

4. Sleep

The rest you get after a long workout is a very important as that is when your body can direct the most attention towards healing your muscles and helping them grow, so allowing the most sleep time for your body to repair is crucial.

5. Exercise

You may want to consider doing a light workout a day after the tough workout, your muscles need to rest but it does not necessarily mean you should totally relax for the entire next day.