Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer

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Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One is the Ultimate Home Gym

The Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer offers over 400 exercises and is like having up to 14 different strength training systems in the space of a single power rack footprint.

This G20 Pro is the pinnacle of our innovative All-In-One Training Systems with features and capabilities not available in our other G-Series products.

Whether you're looking to maximize your workout space or take your training to the next level, the G20 Pro is your ultimate home gym.

The Ultimate All-In-One Trainer—Now with 2:1 Cable Pulley Ratios!

The Force USA G20 Pro now comes with a 2:1 cable pulley ratio on the functional trainer and includes the most attachments, stack weights, workout stations, and exercise possibilities we've ever released in one single strength training system.

With 30 attachments, 578 lb of stack weights, and commercial-grade 3mm steel tubing construction—the Force USA G20 Pro is simply the most versatile, rugged, and complete strength training system ever offered.

Keep everything within reach and your workout space tidy with room for 2 x Barbells and 10 x Weight Plate Holders (Standard and Olympic) at the back of the unit. Includes a built-in storage rack for attachments—with room for barbells, handles, chains, and ropes.

Why Choose the Force USA G20 Pro

Super Duty Construction

Constructed of 11 gauge structured rolled SteelForce Tubing that can take just about any punishment you can send its way. The G20 Pro is a true commercial unit that can withstand the rigors of a professional gym environment.

Most Attachments Ever Released

Loaded with 30 of the most diverse attachments we've ever released with an All-In-One Trainer. Each one helps keep your workouts varied while maximizing your workout space. Includes training bars, handles, chains, spring collars, leg plate, core trainer rotating holder, J-Hooks, band pegs, and more.

Level Up Your Base System

The Force USA G20 Pro is the only All-In-One Trainer that offers an optional Lat Row Station Upgrade that combines three stations in one attachment. Bolt on a dedicated lat pulldown, lat row, and dip station, complete with an additional 289 lb weight stack featuring 1:1 cable ratio and magnetic weight selector pins.

Convenient Walkthrough Design

Set up, workout transitions, plate changes, and even clean up are easier with our convenient walkthrough design. This convenient feature also makes it easy for a spotter to assist your lifts unencumbered because they can enter and exit the center of the rack from the rear of the machine.

65 Adjustment Points on the Rack

The front-facing uprights feature Westside spacing with 65 adjustment points with laser-etched numbering. Westside spacing allows you to fasten your J-Hooks, Safeties or Monolift attachments at the precise height level you desire while making sure they're always even. Adjusts to fit any size user for bench presses, shoulder presses, squats, and more.

Never Max Out the Functional Trainer Again

Dual integrated 289 lb weight stacks attach to 2,000 lb rated cables with 2:1 cable ratios for natural and frictionless motion. Add even more resistance using optional Force USA Super Bands (not included) via the integrated weight stack band peg holders, so you never max out the weight stacks.

Three isn’t a Crowd

Work out with your spouse at home or train multiple clients at once at your training studio. With so many different station options, up to three people can use the Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer simultaneously without getting in each other's way.

Combines up to 14 Strength Training Systems into One!

Power Rack

Commercial grade roller J-Hooks, Monolift, and Safeties can be adjusted using Westside hole spacing to any height position you need. Features 65 different numbered adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench presses, squats, and more. Constructed of commercial-grade steel.

Functional Trainer

The smooth and natural motion comes from our dual cable pulley system featuring a 2:1 pulley ratio that connects to 289 lb weight stacks using high tensile aircraft grade cables (2,000 lb rating). Pulleys are easily adjusted vertically into 21 height positions with just one hand, providing you with over 100 different exercise possibilities.

Smith Machine

992 lb weight capacity Smith Machine with commercial-grade guide rails provide ultra-smooth movement. Fitted with a safe lock and release and a safety catch along 14 racking positions, you can max out your training without needing a spotter. When not in use, the high storage lock-off point keeps it out of the way when using the internal area of the rack.

Leg Press

With the oversized vertical leg press plate attachment, you'll look forward to your next leg day. Designed with a slip-resistant surface and a black powder-coated finish, the leg press attachment uses the Smith Machine's 14 starting heights and built-in safety stoppers for a safe workout.

Chin-up / Pull-up

Two chin-up bars allow for multiple users at the same time. The Multi-Grip Chin Up Station attaches to the front of the rack providing different width and grip options so you can target different muscle groups. The Globe Multi-Grip chin-up bar can be added to either side of the rack, so you can efficiently perform pull-ups, chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, neutral grip pull-ups, and angled pull-ups.

Suspension Trainer

Includes a suspension trainer stirrup hook which is compatible with resistance band packages sold separately from Force USA, TRX®, and others.

Core Trainer

The landmine core trainer station is suited for all rotational torso training exercises and allows for a wide range of upper body training when using an optional barbell (Not included). Attaches on either side of the rack to accommodate your workout space.

Lat Pulldown

The lat pulldown targets and strengthen various back muscles for better posture and spinal stability. Includes a straight bar, multi-grip, and sawtooth bar option that connects to the functional trainer for the greatest workout versatility.

Low Row

The vertical leg press attachment combines with the functional trainer cable pulley system and quickly transforms it into a low row station footpad. Delivers a full-body workout that strengthens your back, upper arm muscles, and forearms.

Calf Raise

Our new calf block attachment strengthens the muscles in your calves, builds muscle, helps prevent injuries, improves strength and stability in your ankles, as well as athletic performance, balance, and more.

Swing Arm

Our only All-In-One Trainer with an optional 5-foot Swing Arm with 6 lock-in positions (0-90 degrees). Hook on a 3-5ft Punching Bag (up to 100 lbs) and add boxing to your training program or Endless Rope Trainer to strengthen your Core, Biceps, Upper Back and Lats, while building endurance and agility. Attaches to either side of the rack.

Leg Developer (Upgrade)

Our innovative Leg Extension and Leg Curl attachment is made with durable high-density sweat-resistant foam to help you isolate the Quads, Glutes, and Hips.

Dip Handle (Upgrade)

Convenient Dip Bars attach to the front of your rack and help build strength in your Chest, shoulder, and Tricep. Finished with a high-grade environmentally friendly black powder coating for added durability.

Jammer Arms (Upgrade)

Jammer Arms attach to the uprights for Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and explosive work. Finished with a high-grade environmentally friendly black powder coating for added durability.


79 in (W) x 67 in (D) x 91 in (H)
(Add 60 in with the Swing Arm attachment)
40 in (W) x 60 in (D) x 84 in (H)
With Lat Row Station Upgrade:
75 in (W) x 95 in (D) x 91 in (H)
Weight Rating:
Unit: 992 lb
J-Hooks: 992 lb
Front Safety: 992 lb
Smith Machine: 794 lb
Pully Ratio:
2:1 => with 100 lb loaded, resistance is 50 lb
6.2mm nylon coated mil spec aircraft quality cable tested to 2,000 lb

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