LeMond Series RT

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Lemond G-force RT

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Built to deliver a better workout, every component of the HOIST® LeMond® Series RT has been designed to make this the most innovative indoor recumbent bike available. Designed with performance and comfort in mind, the RT combines innovative technology with unique features allowing the rider to create a custom riding experience. An ergonomically designed seat, superior frame and five different seat recline positions are among the many features that define this bike as a leader in the home fitness industry.


  • NEW Walk-through frame design
  • NEW CaloriePump™ feature to highlight calories burned
  • NEW Upgraded LCD console display
  • NEW Bluetooth LE enabled with free HOIST Cycling app to track fitness progress
  • NEW Upgraded handle bar design
  • NEW Upgraded larger pedals
  • NEW Upgraded easy-to-adjust fore and aft seat handle
  • NEW Option for cordless or with power cord for 24/7 power (power cord not included)
  • NEW Additional workout programs — 14 featured programs including 7 designed by Tour de France winner Greg LeMond


  • Actual recumbent bike versus semi-recumbent — Innovative pedal to seat relationship
  • Strong, durable frame
  • Attractive, sleek and compact design — takes up less space than an elliptical or treadmill
  • Self-powered
  • Patented adjustable seat — provides proper knee alignment and increased muscle activation
  • USB enabled console — charge your device while you work out
  • Large range of resistance levels — Set between 1 and 20 for a usable watt range from 33 to over 1,200
  • Five reclining seat angles
  • Standard threaded cranks — Compatible with all standard cycling pedals
  • Contact heart rate sensors
  • Telemetry heart rate equipped — 5 KHz Polar compatible heart rate straps(Not Included)
  • Calibration free — Unbox, then hop on and ride
  • Digital drive system — For smooth and accurate power feedback

HOIST Bike App

HOIST BIKES APP : A Cycling Workout Trainer for HOIST LeMond Series Bikes

The FREE HOIST Bikes app for HOIST LeMond Series indoor cycle bikes allows you to seamlessly store, track and compare your workouts. Simply sync your bike to the app via the built-in Bluetooth LE connection, begin your workout and revisit the app once you have completed your workout to see if you hit any new PR’s and how your workout compares to past workouts.


  • Time
  • Miles
  • Calories
  • Speed/ Max Speed/ Average Speed
  • Power / Max Power/ Average Power
  • RPM / Max Cadence/ Average Cadence
  • Heart Rate*/ Max Heart Rate* / Average Heart Rate*
  • Individual Workouts
  • PR (Personal Record) in each Category


  • Individual Workout Stats
  • Weekly Stats
  • Monthly Stats


  • HOIST LeMond Series Elite
  • HOIST LeMond Series UT Upright Trainer
  • HOIST LeMond Series RT Recumbent Trainer
  • HOIST LeMond Series UC Upright Club
  • HOIST LeMond Series RC Recumbent Club

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