Best Apps for Fitness and Dieting

Best Apps for Fitness and Dieting

Published by TE on Mar 29th 2022

There's always a need for ways to keep track of your workouts or what you eat, and there are a lot of apps that let you do just that. Almost too many apps that say to help you with just that, you need to know which apps are the best at giving that information in the best format available to you. Below are going to be some of the best apps in their category and what they help with specifically.


MyFitnessPal - A great app for following a specific diet plan and has a bar code scanner built in the app so you can just scan the code of a product youre eating and find out about it and add it to your foods eaten that day.

Fooducate - Another app that has a massive database of foods and products with another built in barcode scanner to make finding what youre eating a breeze, while allowing you to track what youre eating on a daily basis.


FitOn - This app has a large database full of free workouts to access, workouts from celebrity trainers included. Find a customized workout plan that can help you specifically reach your goal.

7 Minute Workout - This app is especially useful if you dont have a lot of time in the day to fit a full workout in, as it says it has a lot of 7 minute workouts to keep you healthy with less time invested.