Fitness Facts you probably didn't know.

Fitness Facts you probably didn't know.

Published by TE on Oct 17th 2022

Fitness Facts:

1. Around 90% of Americans have more than the recommended sodium amount per day, and decreasing the intake to 1,200 mg a day can save loads of money in medical costs.

2. The human body has 650+ muscles which are made up of 79% water. This is why it is so important to stay hydrated at all points of the day especially during workouts.

3. It takes around 12 weeks to be able to see noticeable changes in your body after starting a workout regimen, so don't give up early if you don't see any changes!

4. Around one in 5 homes are within .5 miles from a local part or fitness/recreational center which helps give you more of a reason to take use of your surrounding locations for exercise.

5. Nearly half of your body's weight is from skeletal muscle tissue which helps you move your bones.