Why is exercise important for seniors?

Published by TE on May 9th 2022

Exercising for the Elderly.

Many elderly adults hesitate to start exercising because they do not know how to start exercising or what types of exercises they should be doing that are safe and effective for them. What they should know is that any kind of movement is good for them so starting very small and working up may be the best approach. Walking is often time the best starting place for older adults looking to start exercising for their health. 

Exercise is important for everyone to practice because getting your heart rate up and working your muscles is helpful to almost every part of your body in one way or another. It is good for physical and mental health which is another fact of why it is especially important for seniors as age can deteriorate both physical and mental health over time.

The amount of time they should exercise is also something that confuses many, though just 150 minutes per week is a good starting point or even lower than that, whatever is comfortable at the beginning. 

When it comes to exercise for the elderly it is important to talk to your doctor first about any sort of health conditions that may not be very friendly with a lot of movement of the body, but a lot of conditions that are common in seniors often are benefited by exercise.